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Apply Online Now for 2015

Invest in the GAC school community and better future – by simply contributing to GOAL in exchange for a Georgia income tax credit!

Support Parental Choice in Education! Together this past spring, we re-directed our 2013 Georgia state income tax dollars to GAC via Georgia GOAL to reach almost half a million dollars!  - Thank you!

What is the process?

1.   Please complete the Application for Approval Form online for the safest and most secure way to start the process with the Georgia Department of Revenue. Once you have completed the online form, you will receive a confirmation email from RightSignature – please open and click on the link provided to finalize the application process. You will receive online status updates from Georgia GOAL regarding your application and payment date.

2.   The Georgia DOR will inform you and Georgia GOAL about your approval. Once you receive the payment date from Georgia GOAL, you have 60 days to make your payment. The easiest way to make your payment is by credit card. If you wish to write a personal (not company) check made payable to Georgia GOAL and mailed to the following address:
               Georgia GOAL
               Five Concourse Parkway
               Suite 200
               Atlanta, GA  30328
3.    Georgia GOAL will send you a receipt named IT-QEE-SSO1 Form so that you could complete your Tax filing process in 2015.

As always, should you have a personal tax-related question please consult with your tax professional.

How do I file my taxes this year if I participated in GOAL in 2013?

Please review the following information that might help you with most questions.  You may also find answers on various topics in the Q/A below.



NEW for 2015 GOAL for Business!

S-corps, LLCs and Partnership entities can now contribute up to $10,000 to GOAL and designate GAC as the recipient.  Contact Katherine White  or Heni Jordan in the Development Office for more information.

 "After my husband passed away suddenly in 2012, I was left with the responsibility of figuring out what schooling option would be best for my children going forward. Greater Atlanta Christian School rose to the top as the ideal choice for them. As a GAC graduate myself, I knew first-hand that they would receive a top-notch educational experience in a spiritually focused environment. In such uncertain times, I needed the assurance for my kids and me. However, the cost was too high for our family's budget, and we would need assistance. I am eternally grateful for the GA GOAL program as it has made it possible for both of my children to attend GAC!"
- L. Fernandez 

What is Georgia GOAL?

Georgia tax payers can redirect their Georgia state tax liability dollars towards private schools. These are tax dollars that you are already paying to the state. This tax credit allows you to take up to $2,500 of your Georgia State Income Tax, and gives you income tax credit (as opposed to a deduction) against your Georgia State Income Tax Liability.

Why is Georgia GOAL important?

The State of Georgia established a $58 million pool against which each program participant (individual or organizational entities named above) can claim their tax credit. Because of the changes in the law this year, Georgia GOAL predicts the cap to be met in February in 2014! Our strategy has to change if we want to remain in the race for these dollars. ALREADY, over 800 taxpayers have filled out their forms for 2014 and have reserved their spot in line, so when January comes, their application will be among the first ones to be turned in to the IRS by Georgia GOAL.

Who does it benefit?

A.   GAC - We are able to increase our student body while practicing Christian values by maintaining our long-standing Financial Aid Program.
 B.   Tax Payer – Individual or Corporate – These professional organizations are able to redirect GA State Tax Credit dollars towards to GAC as part of their philanthropic efforts hence strengthening their public relations and marketing agendas. 
 C.   A Financial Aid Applicant – in the 2013-14 school year we have 44 students on campus who are able to experience a quality Christian education because of GOAL.  Some of these students are new to GAC and some of them have been with us for years, but need to buy some time to “get back on track”.  
 D.   Our Current Students – GAC decided long ago that our Financial Aid program will always be a part of our Operating Budget and Modus Operandi. So, the more dollars we can generate to Financial Aid from Georgia GOAL, the more money we can keep in our Operating Budget that we can spend on our current students, programs, and facilities.  

What difference do I make by participating?

GAC was able to award 44 students Financial Aid that was made possible through Georgia GOAL.

Of these students:

-   29 returning and 15 are new applicants
-   24 Early Childhood Village and Elementary students, 8 Junior High students, and 12 Senior High students are on campus currently  
-   22 female, 22 male


For any other questions regarding the Georgia GOAL Program or the Application Process, please contact
Christy Hill at or call at (770) 243-2228.

If you are interested in participating in Georgia GOAL via a “C” or "S" Corporation, LLC, or Partnership and have questions, please contact
Heni Jordan at