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    School Clinic

    Policies Regarding Student Health

    Greater Atlanta Christian School has a school clinic staffed by registered nurses. The clinic is located in the Combee Elementary Building. To reach a nurse, you may call or email them at:
    770 243 2318
    770 243 2327 (Fax)

    Emergency Forms and Immunization Records
    ● An Emergency Form MUST be completed yearly and on file before your child may begin school.
    ● By Georgia law, each student MUST have on file by the first day of school a current Georgia Certificate of Immunization #3231. This form may be obtained from and must be completed by a Georgia physician or county health department official.
    ● If a family’s religious beliefs do not allow immunizations, the parent/guardian must submit a signed and notarized letter to that effect. This letter will be kept on file, in lieu of a certificate and does not expire.
    ● In the case of a medical exemption to some or all of the required immunizations, the healthcare provider will complete a Form 3231, checking the appropriate boxes. This certificate must be reviewed and reissued annually.
    ● A copy of your child’s birth certificate must also be in the student’s file (a GACS requirement).

    An “Authorization to Administer Medication During School Hours” form must be completed for each medication given at school. All medications must be in its original container.

    Chronic Health Conditions
    To effectively assist a student with certain medical conditions (i.e. asthma, diabetes, severe allergic reactions), the following are required for each student:
    ● A completed (or obtain one from physician) health plan with parent/guardian and physician signatures.
    ● Necessary supplies for the care of the student.
    ● Inform school staff of any changes in the student’s health status and changes in the plan.

    Medication forms and health plans are available on the left navigation menus.

    Any student who has a temperature of 100.5 or higher will be sent home immediately. Remember that a student should be fever-free for 24 hours before he/she returns to school.

    To decrease the amount of illness within the school, a student who has vomited will be sent home. It is important that your child has had no vomiting for 24 hours prior to returning to school.